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Welcome to WebFacets

WebFacets is an extension of JFacets for J2EE webapps. It allows to make use of facets within JSPs, servlets or other web-enabled components (e.g. "actions" in web frameworks etc), thus enabling easy profile-based webapp developement !

NOTE : This module is deprecated. The toolkit now focuses on the minimal feature set. Rolling your own solution for webapp integration is probably better.

WebFacets proposes a few interesting features :

  • Automatic binding of the JFacets bean to every incoming request (using a servlet filter) ;
  • Extension of the facet context, providing transparent access to http objects (request and response) from facets ;
  • A tag library for easy and concise use of facets in JSPs ;

Of course, you don't have to forget your personal habits and learn the full stack again from the bottom : WebFacets is a lightweight layer that proposes a clean and consistent way handling profile-related issues, without being intrusive or forcing you to use a given technology. You can use facets with virtually any Web Framework.

Usage examples

As you may have understood from the general JFacets concepts, you can do a lot of things with facets (almost anything that is related to the concept of profile). Here under are a few usage scenarios :

  • Support to controllers : "profile-driven" command system behind web controllers (security, fine-grained privileges, etc)
  • View Resolvers : choosing views for the appropriate profiles and objects (page selection, profiled navigation, etc)
  • Composite Pages : using facets to customize parts of pages for different profiles (fine-grained page customization)
  • View Helpers : views backed by facets (retrieve profiled data to be displayed)

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Page last modified on February 19, 2013, at 11:40 AM